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Smart ways to reachyour target

Thanks to our solutions, creating advertising campaigns tailored to target groups is extremely simple.


Fit it to your needs

Due to the interactivity and generic platform behaviour, you can adjust the application appearance to your own demands.


Innovative solutions for your business

We create and implement unconventional solutions in the field of marketing, advertising and services that meet the changing market needs. In our products, we use and combine modern technologies, data analysis and artificial intelligence methods.

RTM Truck

Mobile content-based advertising campaigns. Developed in the framework of R&D project.


Stationary content-based advertising campaigns.


Smart and secure videoidentification of your client.

RTM Mask

Public space safety monitoring.

Advanced Security

All critical user data is process on the fly, without storing it.

Powerful API

Powerful and well documented API, with custom client specific routes access groups.

Thanks to innovative tools and modern technologies all advertising content is as personalized as possible. We reach the recipient flawlessly with a perfectly matched message.

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